Time to act

EUCAR annual conference connects Europe`s automotive industry to the future

04.11.2015 The world of mobility is changing rapidly. The digitalisation has raised new user needs and mobility modes. To address these societal challenges and trends, almost 300 high level representatives and decision makers from the European automotive industry, academia and the European Union joined the 2015 EUCAR annual conference & reception in Brussels. Every year, this is the podium to sense, discuss and set future trends of the automotive R&D landscape and agenda. The 2015 conference concept was developed and implemented by EICT. This also included the event management, event design and an interactive format to discuss future trends.

In his speech, Günther H. Oettinger, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society expressed the way to go: “it is time to act. Close cross-sector cooperation is needed to conquer global markets with digital innovations”. EUCAR Chairwoman Anke Kleinschmitt, Vice President Group Research and Chief Environment Officer of Daimler AG, added that hybrid innovations become more and more important. This means that product and services will be combined and differing actors must collaborate for mobility services in a digitized society. Moreover, renowned Tech-Blogger Sascha Pallenberg stressed the fact that user-friendly design and intuitive user-guidance are also essential for innovations.

The 2015 EUCAR conference specifically looked at the topic of connected mobility and automation from the perspective of four Innovation Spaces. These were derived from the EUCAR strategic pillars: Safe & Integrated Mobility, Sustainable Propulsion, Affordability & Competiveness and the cross-space topic Commercial Vehicles. Guided by these topics, the conference attendants discussed the implications to successfully “connect to the future”.

To facilitate fruitful and interactive discussions, the conference floor was divided into 11 “World Cafés”, providing room for a dialogue between the conference participants. All areas were moderated by experts who discussed key questions for all innovation spaces: R&D needs, major trends, disruptive innovations as well as societal and economic impacts. Every participant could choose specific topics he was interested in and stayed within a World Café for 20 minutes before changing to the next one. This gave everybody the chance to participate in different discussions and pass several stations. It also provided much room for personal talks and technical networking. This new concept was highly appreciated. For example, one participant stated: “Very appealing new atmosphere. Good approach from random networking to systematic new contacts during the World Cafés”.

In addition to the conference concept and event management, EICT also provided the event design and materials. Embedded into this, EICT re-designed the EUCAR projects poster book.

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