Tech Center a-drive started

18.01.2016 The advances of fully autonomous driving are impressive but the technology is still not sufficiently mature. Systems need to be developed that are better than the best human driver and that are fully reliable, for example in all weather conditions and during night. 

files/partner/2016_005_Tech_Center_a-drive_7,5_Millionen_Euro_fuer_automatisiertes_Fahren_1_72dpi.jpgTo address the open research questions in this area, the University of Ulm, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology combined their expertise and founded the Tech Center a-drive. As a strong industry partner, Daimler AG enables technology deployment. “Research cooperations like Tech Center a-drive are very efficient to link industry and science closely” stated Theresia Bauer, Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg for Sciences, Research and Art during the kick-off event.

EICT accompanies the close cooperation of Tech Center a-drive research institutions and is part of planning and future development of the organisation. Focus is on project management and development as well as research coordination, controlling and quality management.

Tech Center a-drive targets to improve environment perception and action planning of automated vehicles. The organisation receives an overall funding of € 7.5 million. Daimler AG contributes € 5 million, while the Ministry of Science, Research and Art and the Ministry of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg provide € 1.25 million. Tech Center a-drive strives to expand the cooperation with the expertise of further industry and research partners.

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