Project eCo-FEV started

New EU project started: eCo-FEV

Hosted by DAI-Labor (from TU Berlin) and EICT GmbH the 26 members from eleven project partners attended the event and started the project activities.

The eCo-FEV project aim is to achieve a decisive breakthrough in Fully Electric Vehicles (FEVs) introduction by proposing a general architecture for the integration of FEVs in cooperative transport infrastructure systems, such as road IT infrastructure, backend and charging infrastructure. Therewith, information among those facilities will be exchanged efficiently for the benefit of FEV users in real time.

A total of thirteen partners will be working on the project eCo-FEV coordinated by Hitachi Europe Limited. In the 33 project months the consortium will define, test and evaluate the architecture until its final presentation in May 2015.


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