OFELIA Extension Sync

On the 29th and 30th of August, 2013, OFELIA carried out the OFELIA Extension Sync. During the project's lifetime OFELIA has created a substantial amount of software. This includes aggregate managers which manage resources like virtual machines and FlowSpaces, a graphical user interface which enables users to setup their experiments, and a number of libraries and frameworks for general use. All this software together makes up the OFELIA Control Framework (OCF).

OFELIA's software turned out to be useful - not only for the project itself, but other European projects decided to base their facilities and developments on the OCF. These projects are already using or planning to use the results of OFELIA. Most of the projects are also planning to build upon and extend the software. In order to synchronize the development efforts and to create synergies, the project invited them to the OFELIA Extension Sync at the premises of EICT, Berlin.

Several project representatives followed the invitation and the technical meeting started on the morning of the 29th. The first day consisted of technical talks and discussions on how the current OCF works and which decisions have been made along the development path. The invited project representatives from FIBRE, GEANT, FELIX, ALIEN and Fed4FIRE presented their current status and plans regarding the software deployment and extension. Additionally, a member from the GPO (GENI Project Office) gave a talk on their facility and what concepts and software they are currently using. The first day concluded in a Berlin beer garden with discussions on technical aspects.

The second day began with a short talk on general purpose frameworks which stem from OFELIA's development. It continued with introductions on the authentication and authorization concepts used in OFELIA. Then the discussions about the OFELIA development roadmap recommenced. A major outcome was the establishment of a task force called "OFELIA Foundation Task-Force". This group focuses on four aspects to sustain and coordinate

OFELIA's software development:

  • Academic relations
  • Industrial relations
  • Software development
  • Network connectivity

The OFELIA Extension Sync proved to be successful. The participants learned about the different projects, ongoing developments and upcoming implementations. This allowed them to find contacts specifically for their project needs. Additionally, the next steps for the developments in OFELIA were defined and layed out in a implementation roadmap.

For questions you are welcome to contact:

Tom Rothe
Software Architect
Email: tom.rothe@eict.de

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