interactIVe and eCoMove Joint Final Event

files/projects/interactIVe_Final_Event_Demofahrzeuge.jpgAfter four years of work, the integrated project interactIVe - Accident avoidance by active intervention for Intelligent Vehicles was completed. On November 20th and 21st, 2013, the consortium showed the results of their research work during a Joint Final Event together with the partner project eCoMove at the Eurogress Aachen. The event was attended by almost 300 participants from automotive industries, suppliers, research institutes and universities.

During a press event and a specialized conference the project results were presented to the wider public and discussed with the expert audience. Five sessions on two conference days focused on the research results developed in interactIVe. The lectures dealt with the future of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, the sensor fusion and perception platform, developed legal aspects and evaluation methodology, information, warnings and intervention strategies as well as the interactIVe applications and technologies.

The conference was supplemented by an exhibition. Each sub-project showed its results using videos and presentations as well as posters. During an exhibition walk, all participants had the opportunity to discuss the results in depth.

The driving demonstrations at the Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium were the highlight of the event. Five passenger cars and one truck were equipped with the interactIVe systems and allowed the guests to experience them in live demonstrations.

In total the project implemented eleven driver assistance functions in six passenger cars and one truck. All applications were evaluated — for both technical and user-related aspects — reproducing relevant use cases on proving grounds or performing driving simulator experiments. The project showed that the systems can be integrated in all vehicle classes. The new systems will be affordable, as low cost sensors were implemented and previously independent functions were integrated.

It can be said that such systems belong to the future of driving. By combining different sub-systems — Continuous Driver Support, Collision Avoidance and Collision Mitigation — into one integrated solution, interactIVe offers many new possibilities to support the driver.


Video: interactIVe and eCoMove Joint Final Event

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