DRIVE C2X final event of test site campaign

For the third and last time DRIVE C2X made cooperative systems cooperate for visitors of the Test Site Sweden in Gothenburg on June 13-14. About 200 experts and more than 100 visitors from the public gained hands-on experience of C2X systems. The event was hosted by DRIVE 2X at Lindholmen Science Park.

Centerpiece was the DRIVE C2X driving demonstration. Five functions were tested during a 30 minutes tour in regular traffic on public roads starting from Lindholmen Science Park. The functions included

  • Road works warning (RWW),
  • Weather warning (WW),
  • Green light optimized speed advisory (GLOSA),
  • In-vehicle signage (IVS),
  • Car breakdown warning (CBW).

A COSMO driving demonstration in a public bus complemented the demo tour.

During the expert day, the test site experience was supplemented by a real-time video transmission to the DRIVE C2X test site in Vigo, Spain. Video presentations from the German test field simTD around Frankfurt/Main, the Italian test site and the Test Site Sweden gave an insight to the testing during FOTs.


The conference on the expert day dedicated to the comparison between the European approach to C2X testing and evaluation and the U.S. American approach of Model Deployment. During three workshops the speakers and the audience lively discussed findings and benefits of the different approaches to the implementation of FOTs.

The project Coordinator, Matthias Schulze, Daimler AG, the President of Chalmers University, Karin Markides and the COO of Lindholmen Science Park, Peter Öhmann welcomed the audience. The morning session elaborated on the differences and communalities between U.S. American and European technology. DRIVE C2X project partner Hitachi Europe and a representative from the U.S. American Department of Transportation presented on technology standards ETSI G5, IEEE 802.11p and SAE J2735.

In the afternoon, the realisation of FOTs overseas and in Europe was discussed during the second session focusing on testing. Besides DRIVE C2X partner Volvo Cars, the project FOTsis presented their approach to testing. The European FOT conduction was compared to the U.S. American method, introduced by the U.S. Department of Transportation. In a third session, survey results about user acceptance were presented by TNO.


In addition to the conference, an exhibition explained DRIVE C2X contents and first results, presented the test tracks and showed interactive demos of DRIVE C2X technology. Also, it hosted related external projects and organisations such as FOTnet and PRESERVE. The exhibition was used for lively discussion and networking.

The conference was also used to organise focus groups where experts discussed deployment aspects. A wrap-up session summed up the results from the workshops and completed the expert day.

Before going on a ride, visitors of the public day were introduced to the project and the benefits of C2X technology. After the demo tour, the visitors were interviewed by the project research team on user experience to collect statements for evaluation purposes of the DRIVE C2X systems. All visitors had the opportunity to get in contact with the exhibitors and the DRIVE C2X staff and to be close to an FOT.

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