Information-Centric Networking Beyond Baseline Scenarios: Research Advances and Implementation

files/news-events/information-centric networking.jpgUpdated: The IEEE Network special issue on Information Centric Networking has been published in May 2014. You can read the Guest Editors introduction on IEEE Xplore. Eight papers were selected for publication after our Call for Papers below and have now been archived and are available through IEEE Xplore.

Information-Centric Networking (ICN) has received significant attention in recent years, mainly driven by the fact that distributing and manipulating information has become the major function on the Internet today. Unlike the traditional host-centric networking paradigm where information is obtained by contacting specified named hosts, ICN aims at providing native network primitives for efficient information retrieval by directly naming and operating on information objects. Foreseeing the need and benefits of developing the Future Internet with ICN concepts as a key ingredient, many leading research groups, both industrial and academic, have created a sizable community devoting their efforts to Information-Centric Future Internet designs and prototype implementations.

Call for Papers

To date, the work in this area has centered on ICN for (largely static) content storage. Within the wider network research area, there are those who believe ICN cannot work for real time communications, dynamic content and other network scenarios. Strong supporters, on the contrary, believe that ICN can be what comes after the current Internet. Whatever one's stand on the matter, we observe that architectural papers in this area outweigh implementation oriented and ICN application papers. This special issue aims to address both of these issues. To that end, we seek papers that show ICN's usefulness in a wide range of applications. We are particularly interested in the kinds of applications where ICN solutions are not immediately obvious. Papers that leave the reader thinking "I had no idea ICNs could be used this way" are particularly welcome. On the other hand, we welcome contributions that make solid arguments for places where ICNs cannot replace the current Internet architecture. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Large scale scenarios, deployment, and experimentation
  • Case studies of security attacks and solutions in ICN
  • ICN development platforms (testbeds, simulators, open-source code) and tools
  • Evaluation methodology challenges and advances
  • ICN protocol design challenges in baseline scenarios
  • ICN practice, including protocol implementation, empirical performance evaluation and enhancements
  • ICN and Cloud computing

With regard to both the content and formatting style of the submissions, prospective contributors should follow the IEEE Network guidelines for authors that can be found at Authors should submit their manuscripts through ScholarOne for IEEE Network Magazine. Choose "Special Issue -Information-Centric Networking Beyond Baseline Scenarios: Research Advances and Implementation" from the drop down menu on the submission page. The timetable is as follows:

Manuscript Submission: October 1, 2013
Notification of Acceptance: February 1, 2014
Final Manuscript Due: March 15, 2014
Publication: May 2014

The Guest Editors for this issue are:
Prof. Xiaohua Jia,
Dr. Kostas Pentikousis,
Dr. Jianping Wang,
Dr. Prosper Chemouil,
Dr. Kathleen Nichols,

For technical questions you are welcome to contact:

Kostas Pentikousis, Ph.D.
Head of IT Infrastructure
Phone +49 30 3670 235-111

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