ATOB: Paper on FTTH field trial published in special issue of JOCN

The OFC / NFOEC is the leading conference for optical communications and networking technologies. EICT was represented very successfully this year with three publications which contained conducted field trial results of the BMBF funded project ATOB - architectures, technologies, open network infrastructures for the optical access network (FKZ: 16BP1037). Due to the rising Internet traffic it is anticipated that future widespread broadband networks will be very likely required to meet customer demands. The project ATOB has therefore set itself the goal to develop and test novel technologies for optical fiber-based access networks (FTTH - fiber to the home) in practical scenarios. For realistic experiments on installed fibers, an open testbed was created in the project framework. EICT is responsible for the development and management of the test infrastructure as well as the test preparation and test execution of the project.

Particularly, the paper “Field Trial of a Novel FTTH/PON Monitoring Technique Based on Unique Wavelength-Selective Mirror Combinations” by Dr. Daniel Fritzsche (EICT), Christopher M. Bentz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter M. Krummrich (both TU Dortmund University) and Erik Weis (Telekom Innovation Laboratories - T-Labs) caught the attention of the responsible Program Committee and was selected - in a strict selection process - as one of the best papers presented at OFC / NFOEC in the category "FTTx Technologies, Deployment and Applications" for publication in the special issue of the OSA / IEEE Journal of Optical Communications and Networking (JOCN). In this article, a novel method for monitoring (physical parameters) of fiber-based optical access networks is introduced as well as examined and verified by experiments in the realistic ATOB testbed. Therefore the results particularly support the development of Next Generation Optical Access Networks (NGOA) and systems in practice.

Meanwhile, the JOCN article is available online and will appear as a print edition in October 2013.

The publication in the JOCN is an outstanding achievement for the project, since the results obtained at national level can now be presented to a broad international audience. This is the result of the excellent collaboration between the EICT, Telekom Innovation Laboratories (T-Labs) and the TU Dortmund University.

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