TEAM Business Modelling Workshop

On 23 October 2015, representatives from all 28 partners of the European research project TEAM joined the Business Modelling workshop at the Fraunhofer Forum in Berlin. The workshop was designed, organised and moderated by EICT. The objective was to discuss business ideas and potential business models derived from the TEAM applications already at a very early stage in the project.

files/news-events/TEAM_GA&BMWORKSHOP (170).jpgfiles/news-events/TEAM_GA&BMWORKSHOP (287).jpgAfter a methodological introduction and a presentation of four selected applications, the attendees formed groups and passed four stations where value propositions, potential customers, necessary infrastructure as well as cost structures and revenue models were examined. At the end, each group identified and presented their potential business model which will be explored in further detail at upcoming workshops. All partners agreed that this common activity was a great tool to lead TEAM applications on their way to the market.

In order to analyse business models with a strategic perspective for TEAM, EICT used the Osterwalder business model canvas (Osterwalder, Alexander/ Pigneur, Yves (2009): Business Model Generation). This is one of the most popular tools of recent business modelling history. It can be either used for developing new or redesigning existing business models. The popularity and wide distribution of Osterwalder’s approach is linked to its easy adaptation and applicability.

The actual business model canvas is a visual chart which can be used to make sure that all relevant aspects for a viable business model are covered. Nevertheless, partners with low prior knowledge about business modelling can be equally involved in the development of the canvas and that is a great strength of this tool.

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