L3Pilot: Europe's pilot for automated driving will start in late summer

The first broad-based pilot test for automated driving on European roads will begin in September 2017. All European automotive manufacturers and science partners, will have 1000 vehicles with 100 test drivers on public roads in 11 countries to test automated driving systems of SAE Level 3 and 4 under real conditions and in broad application. The vehicles will be equipped with highly developed technology for environment perception of the ego-vehicle driving.

Aria Etemad, Volkswagen AG, will coordinate the L3Pilot project, uniting a total of 34 partners. He builds upon his role in the predecessor projects euroFOT, interactIVe and AdaptIVe.

EICT supports project management in project management and takes on the spread of results to the public. As an innovation manager, EICT will monitor the market connection for the consortium as well as the user whose needs EICT systematically explores.

The European Union co-funds the four-year research project of € 68 million with € 36 million from the European programme Horizon 2020.

The L3Pilot team from EICT is looking forward to this exciting and pioneering project.

For any questions about the project, please contact Elias Demirtzis, elias.demirtzis@eict.de.



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