Presentation of MÜNCHNER KREIS future study, volume V

On April 12, 2013, the MÜNCHNER KREIS Future Study, Volume V titled “Wachstumsfelder der digitalen Welt. Bedürfnisse von übermorgen“ („Growth areas in a digital world. Needs of tomorrow and beyond”) will be presented to the public during a press conference in Berlin.

Since 2012, 23 partners have been working on the MÜNCHNER KREIS Future Study, Volume V titled (“Growth areas in a digital world. Needs of tomorrow and beyond”).  As in the previous study, a change of perspective was made, setting the focus firmly on the human factor.

In the study “Pictures of the Future in a Digital World. An international comparison of user perspectives.”, published in 2011, users evaluated pictures of the future which were in advance identified by experts. In Volume V the perspective placed people – as users of ICT and media – at the center of the study. During an international user survey over 7.200 users of several ages were interviewed about their needs in everyday life situations concerning media, mobility, work and e-government. The results were statistically analyzed and a special requirements-matrix was extrapolated. In addition to that, experts identified white spots for growth segments in special Future Workshops. New developments in the addressed fields were discussed and effects on cross-industry B2B value creation processes will be assessed.

The results of the survey and the Future Workshop constitute the basic elements of the MÜNCHNER KREIS Future Study, Volume V.  

The study will be presented to the public at a press conference on April 12, 2013, in Berlin. Additionally, major results of the study will be presented to representatives of industry, academia and politics at a conference.  Within this context, participants will discuss risks and opportunities for the growth segments in four thematic workshop sessions: work, mobility, media and e-government. The aim is to identify customer needs and the innovations and developments imply. 

EICT’s role:
Amongst other partners, EICT has belonged to the editorial board since the first release of the Future Study in 2008. EICT is responsible for methodology, writing and editing as well as for the coordination and organization of events, conferences and topic-related workshops.  

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