DRIVE C2X Test Site Event in Gothenburg, Sweden

DRIVE C2X is pleased to announce the last major demo event of DRIVE C2X's test site campaign "Making cooperative systems cooperate". Visitors will have the unique opportunity to drive themselves and gain hands-on experience of the DRIVE C2X functions in a running FOT. The event will take place on June 13-14, 2013, at the Test Site Sweden (TSS), in Gothenburg.

The project invites the project community (June 13 - expert day) and general public (June 14 - public day) to experience the DRIVE C2X system and its implementation on its six European test sites. During the expert day, the community will have the opportunity to discuss test design and methodology of running FOTs in a series of workshops, presentations and exhibitions. On the public day, the visitors will have the chance to experience and discuss the benefits of cooperative driving with the project team. A real-time video transmission to the running FOTs across Europe provides insight into the various functions tested in DRIVE C2X and the traffic management approaches.

EICT, as leader of sub-project 5 "Cooperative Driving Promotion", is responsible for the conceptualisation of the test site campaign "Making cooperative systems cooperate" as well as the design and organisation of the test site events.

To register for the DRIVE C2X@TSS expert day, please click here.

To register for the DRIVE C2X@TSS public day, please click here.

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